Saturday, 16 May 2015

Drawings from the Pale Kingdom

Here are some drawings of some of the entities from my 1 Page Dungeon "The Kingdom of the Pale Giants". Stats are soon to follow! 

 "Wild eyed, tattooed and scarification, naked, bone swords and axes, boiling with animosity". 

The King
"Horn crown, corpulent, ever seated, naked, beclaw handed, spike fingered, droop eyed, slobbering, ever eating".

"Grim, grunting, stone/bone shields and spears, well muscled, neat loin cloth, milky pale eyed, roar prone, undying loyalty to king".

 "Two ed, one head dead/mad/diseased, gnarled clubs and rocks, rotting body, boils, claw handed, limping, crazed, cowed by other giants, intense stupidity, inbred".

Pygmy Slave: "Diffident, scared, mopey, ragged and sick. Will only attack adventurers when commanded to  by giants".

Pygmy Shaman: pygmies when giants absent, burlap cloaked, crude fetishes and effigies, minor healing and divination magic, strong willed and crafty".

Horned Ratdog
 "Pink and hairless, red eyed, curved horns, some quills and spines, slavering, foul tempered, rabid".
"Female, blind, claw handed and footed, decorative and elaborate bone dressings, skin cloak, horns, intense powers of divination, distracted by visions, signs omens". ("elaborate bone dressings" is a typo I picked up after submission. I'm not sure what word I was actually intending to use but I now believe it's "canon" that the Seers wrap cloth interlaced with bone around various parts of their bodies.) 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Kingdom of the Pale Giants, 1 Page Dungeon 2015 Entry

The city’s sewage system always collects and funnels towards a great underground river. When the moulding stone and rotting iron of the sewers fade away, the river is housed within a looming whitestone caverns. Within these caverns the Pale Giants live. Here they have hewn the whitestone to construct a vast fortress, embedded in the earth.  In the darkness, the polluted river warping and maddening them, the abhorrence of their civilization grows. 

Rumours of naked, pale giants stalking the sewers, missing women throughout the city and panicked pygmies appearing from nowhere and gibbering of an evil kingdom beneath the ground may spark adventurer’s interest in venturing here.

PDF View/Download: 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Drawings from "The Land Beneath The Winds"

I've not had the time to write recently. To keep the creative juices flowing I put out the call (in the OSR G+ Community) to see if any one would like me to do some drawings for anything they were working on. John from graciously gave me the low-down on a campaign setting and ruleset he's writing. His world is right up my alley, being a weird (but upbeat) fusion of fantasy and sci-fi, with a bunch of weird races and factions. Here is the result: 

Mud Crab Golem

Crabman Water Pipe Smoker

Crabman Warrior

Crabman Shooter

Dolphin Warrior 
Dolphin Magic User

Tigerman Rogue

Tigerman Mouth Wizard

Mimic True Form

Mimic Adventurer

Mimic Mouth Wizard

Mountain Goblin Shooter

Mountain Goblin Dervish

View of Mountain Goblin Settlement

Walrus Totem

Dolphin Totem

Shark Totem

Octopus Totem

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

d6 Fantasy City Sewers Random Encounter Table (Including Emanations and Reaction Based Prior Activity)

The following beings and creatures are intended for the random encounter table when adventuring in my campaign world's City of Bexley. For entry's that seemed overly specific to my campaign I have tried to place a more generic name or analogous entity group name in parenthesis. The things listed on the random encounter table could all foreseeably be encountered in the bowels of a fantasy city sewage system. This being a random encounter table for the first level underground seems about right.

(If your Fantasy City is in need of a Sewer, generate one here.) 

Emanations: (This is basically wholesale theft of an idea outlined by +Tom Fitzgerald much more proficiently and poetically as "Foreshadowings" in the post "Howling Across the Chasm" at his blog Middenmurk. Emanations is my clumsier, less eloquent version of his random encounter Foreshadowings.)

When rolling for random encounters (a 1 in 6 chance when I am DM'ing) an "Emanation" occurs when a 2 is rolled on a d6.  Roll on the random encounter table and refer to the "Emanation" listed for the entity rolled - the party will now encounter said emanation. The next random encounter will automatically be the entity for which the emanation was previously experienced.

You could also just take a 2 on a random encounter check to mean a delayed encounter: The emanation occurs, followed by the encounter itself in d4 rooms.

Alternate Emanation rules: A 1 in 6 result on random encounter check results in an Emanation occurring. A random encounter will now occur with a 2 in 6 chance, the being encountered matching the Emanation the party experienced earlier.

Reaction Based Prior Activity: Each entity has three different "Reaction based prior activity" 's listed. This is  what the entity was doing before the PC's bumped into it, derived from a Reaction Check Roll. If the entity is unaware of the PC's, pre-roll the reaction to give it something to do! This is based on the Labyrinth Lord d12 low is friendly high is angry reaction roll. Many of the entries on the table have reaction roll modifiers, making the chance they will be doing some activities rare.

A rogue beset by Ratdogs. 

d6 Fantasy City Sewers Random Encounter Table:

1) Maddened Filthy Wanderers
Emanation: Dirty, ramshackle wood and paper lean-to's, makeshift tables or refuse buckets nearby to oddly arranged bricks, insane graffiti, rotting books with incoherent scrawl or pages torn out and hung along string.
Description: Rag wearing down-troddens. Visibly crazed. May have a penchant for collecting certain mundane items/refuse and wearing them.  
Number Encountered: d6,
Reaction Roll Modifier: +2,
Reaction Based Prior Activity: Friendly: Drinking, smoking, conversing with one another in an almost pleasant manner, Neutral: Sleeping, scrawling in journals or on walls, Aggressive: Ranting, staggering in circles, arguing incoherently with one another, fisticuffs with one another.  
HD: 1, AC: 10,
Attacks: 1, Fist/Clawed hand/Club/Shiv, Damage: d6,
Saves: F0, Morale: 4,
Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 120', XP: 20.

2) Pirate Refugee (Escaped convict/fugitive): 
Emanation: Empty booze bottles, Emptied/smashed wooden chests, recently broken doors or furniture, a murdered member of the Pirate (convict) group (animosity) and evidence of a scuffle/blood trail, distant raucous singing or conversation.
Description: Ragged tired pirate (or criminal), on the run from local law enforcement. Spirits and supplies are down. Dirty, irritable, reckless.
Number Encountered: d6,
Reaction Roll Modifier: + 4,
Reaction Based Prior Activity: Friendly: Drunk, singing raucously, feasting, telling tall tales around a bonfire/campfire, Neutral: Drinking, not quite drunk, singing somberly, eating food of a poor and stingy quality, Aggressive: Discovering they are completely out of supplies (food, drink, gold), Engaged in a yelling tirade regarding the series of unfortunately events that led to their predicament.    
HD: 2, AC: 12 (Leather, flamboyant pirate accouterments),
Attacks: 1, pistol (ranged) or cutlass, Damage: d6,
Saves: F2, Morale: 6,
Alignment: Chaotic, Movement: 120', XP: 40.

3) Reanimated Fungi Corpse: 
Emanation: Copses of thick black mushrooms up to 4 feet tall, dismembered body parts flourishing with the growth of dark mushrooms, dead body/bodies covered in dark mushrooms twitching sporadically.
Description: The decaying bodies of dead humanoids, reanimated by a parasitical forest of dark brown, black and purple mushrooms.
Number Encountered: d10,
Reaction Roll Modifier: None,
Reaction Based Prior Activity: Friendly: Swaying softly, hands linked, jerkingly/robotically tending mushroom growths, if interrupted will softly embrace PC's to spread mushroom infection (see special), Neutral: Collecting rat and other sewer animal corpses into a pile and picking mushrooms from their bodies to plant on the flesh, will not let PC's interupt their work, Aggressive: Planting mushrooms on a human corpse,   
HD: 1, AC: 13 (Unusual, contorting movements, spongy flesh),
Attacks: 2, Punch, Damage: d4,
Saves: F1, Morale: 11,
Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 100', XP: 50,
Special: Any one touching/struck by a reanimated fungi corpse must Save Vs. Poison to avoid necrotic mushroom infection. On their death the body will erupt in fungi growth and mindlessly re-animate in d6 hours.

4) Reed Man. 
Emanation: A heavily bruised corpse missing all jewelry, buttons, shoelaces, turned out pockets (perhaps striped to underwear and clothes folded neatly next to it), Masses of extremely adhesive sticks and reeds, clumps of seemingly out of place mud (extremely rich, dark fertile soil), worms, distant riddling followed by screams.
Description: A 10 foot tall, heavy set, vaguely humanoid shaped mass of mud, twigs and reeds. Topped by a black beak and piercing black eyes. Shambolic in movement. Intelligent, with irresistible urges towards riddles and the collection of small treasures. A reed man will ask those it encounters a single riddle, letting those who answer correctly pass, and killing those that answer incorrectly - stealing their small treasures. (Its reaction roll may deterine the difficulty of the riddle and likelihood of a second chance). A pink octopi/worm like body writhes in the center mass of the mud and reeds.
Number Encountered: 1,
Reaction Roll Modifier: 0,
Reaction Based Prior Activity: Friendly: Whistling sweetly, sounding like water-side birds, resting nonchalantly, will ask its riddle in a sing-song voice. Neutral: Laying on the ground, face up, breathing slowly, Aggressive: Squatting directly in front of the party, chanting in a croaking voice "Treasures, treasures, treasures...",   
HD: 6, AC: 15 (Mud and twig mass unnecessary for worm like inner form),
Attacks: 2, heavy fist bash x 2, Damage: d8, d8.
Saves: F5, Morale: 8,
Alignment: Lawful, Movement: 140', XP: 350,
Special: Can release a stinking, stinging cloud of poisonous gas d4 times a day, doing d6 damage to those around it. Will often have a nearby burrow (the entrance of which is often underwater or hidden), filled with stick mud and stick masses and carefully arranged treasures of previous victims.

5) Pack of Rat Dogs (Rabid dogs). 
Emanation: Dog like foot prints on walls and ceilings, Scratched and ruined furniture/doors, savagely bitten and gored corpses of people/animals, masses of dog like excrement, Rat like tails the size of dogs left bleeding and severed, distant howling or growling.
Description: Drooling, scab covered near furless pink bodied dogs. Pink, watery, milky eyes. Mean ragged snouts. Extremely lean and agile. Long furless pink rat tails.
Number Encountered: d4,
Reaction Roll Modifier: + 6,
Reaction Based Prior Activity: Friendly: Full and content from a recent meal, dozing, pawing playfully at one another, tail waggings, Neutral: Clawing at a nearby door, barking, prowling purposelessly, Howling mournfully as a group Aggressive: Most of the group paces back and forth, guarding a female rat dog feeding a sickly pup, gnawing on the flesh of a fresh kill.    
HD: 3, AC: 13 (Lithe and agile, thickened scabs),
Attacks: 2, Bite and Claw Damage: d8 bite (Save Vs Poison or rabies infection occurs), d6 claw.
Saves: F3, Morale: 10 as pack, 4 as singular.
Alignment: Chaotic, Movement: 140', XP: 150,
Special: Can scale sheer surfaces with beclawed paws with a 3 in 6 chance. Can hide in shadows with a 2 in 6 chance.

6) Rat-like man Ruffian (Rat cult thug, Anarchist, Pyromaniac). 
Emanation: Scorch marks, evidence of explosions, burnt corpses, broken discarded vials and glass canisters, Pro "Old Kingdom" graffiti "The betrayed king will rise again, death to the houses, etc" (Pro cult, poltical group messages), bone shard piles, wooden refuse - neatly piled and dried/drying, smoke wafting from a fire elsewhere, fires.
Description: Hunched over men, wearing rotting rags, scabbed covered skin, patches of fur and wrongly placed hair, bones stitched into and decorate rag outfits, claw like hands. Torches and vials tied to ruined belts about waist.
Number Encountered: d6,
Reaction Roll Modifier: +4,
Reaction Based Prior Activity: Friendly: Dancing frantically around a roaring bonfire, a blackened skeleton strung to a crucifix burns in the center, Neutral: Preparing wood for a bonfire, arranging bones and skulls in a state of reverence. Aggressive: Attempting to dry wood around a failing fire, they are wet and soggy,   
HD: 2, AC: 14 (Leather beneath bone re-enforced rags),
Attacks: 1, Sword or Wooden bow Damage: d8,
Saves: F2, Morale: 8,
Alignment: Chaotic, Movement: 120, XP: 50,
Special: Each has d2 firebombs (d6 damage to 10 foot area).

A Magic User and  Fighting Man discover a Rat-like man bonfire ceremony.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fantasy City Sewer Generator

Overpopulated metropolises require bizarre, busy and labyrinth underground sewage systems that invariable lead to caverns and long forgotten, buried remnants of older settlements.

Bexley's  underground is unfortunately under siege by Wrecktown Terrorists (Rat-like men, with an affinity for fire and bones, who proclaim the rule of a forgotten, ancient king). City dwellers too weird and uncomely to find shelter in crowded Lower Bexley may eventually slip underground for accommodation.  Rumors of other strange beings engaged in construction and excavation also abound, as well as talk of large natural caverns and water bodies. The Bexley Port Authority requires help dealing with the former and information regarding all of the latter.

Below is a set of tables I plan to use to create random sewer rooms between pre-prepared dungeons beneath the city, or if the PC's decide to pull up a random city street sewer grate and jump in. As such, this generator is intended to be a stopgap generator of sewer adventure spaces, a side dish or condiment more so than a main meal!

(Here's some monsters and an encounter table for any Sewers you might generate.) 

Cavernous Old Kingdom Ruins, bonfire burning.

Fantasy City Sewer Generator:

Entrance Type, d6:

1) Broken, smashed-in, twisted or otherwise easily passable Sewer Grate.
2) Slime covered, rotten, soggy wooden door. Some rusted iron re-enforcement (25% chance of being locked).
3) Moss and slime covered stone door, iron latches/handles (50% chance of being locked).
4) Complete sewer grate, bars approximately half a foot apart.
5) Crumbled stone masonry, evidence of old pillars or door. Covered in general slime and muck.
6) Running water, waterfall like curtain.

Entrance Trapped? (25% Chance). 

If Trapped, Trap Type, d4:

1) Pressure plate, releasing stone and iron debris (Save Vs. Paralyze, d6 damage).
2) Trap door to flooded pit (hidden beneath water or debris).
3) Trap door to spiked pit (d8 damage from spikes), may also be flooded (Hidden beneath water or debris).
4) Pressure plate, releasing toxic dump of sewer waste (Save Vs. Disease, consult disease table of choice).

Number of Exits = d4. 

Room Shape, d4 (Roll twice and combine into new shape):

1) Circle.
2) Square.
3) Rectangle.
4) Triangle.

Room Size, d4:

1) Tiny, bedroom, hole like.
2) Medium, Hallway, living room.
3) Large, Dining room, ball room, courtyard.
4) Huge, Field, cavernous.

Light Conditions and Source, d6: 

1) Pitch black, no source.
2) Very dim natural light.
3) Well lit, oil lanterns, hanging on walls.
4) Very dim glowing mushrooms or other flora.
5) Very well lit, bonfire burning.
6) Dim, spluttering torches (threatening to go out).

Room Type, d8 (Would make sense to maintain a Room Type for a number of rooms, rather than re-rolling each time - creating semi-logical "zones"):

1) Operational sewer. Flowing sewage/water. Iron ladders and walkway.
2) Wrecked sewers. Flooded or drained. Broken ladders, shattered walkways.
3) Sewer operation room. Pipes, valves, tools. May control a gate or valve close by. Possible ladder to surface and armed Bexley Port Authority guards.
4) Old cellar or basement, possible boarded up entrance to an above ground building. Close to above ground occupied buildings.
5) Natural rock cavern, granite or limestone.
6) Freak/outcast/monster shanty town. Wood construction, bridges and shacks. Not necessarily inhabited.
7) Natural water feature, river, pond or lake. Possible flora growth.
8) Old kingdom masonry. Impressive arches and columns.  Friezes illustrating skulls, skeletons and large crowned skeletons. Bone effigies/jewelry may be strewn about, along with evidence of recent fires.

Room Descriptor, d8:

1) Extra water, flooding or high water level.
2) Signs of recent habitation, debris, refuse, burn marks.
3) Sewage intake, flows in from pipes or ceiling. May affect water flow direction. Probably stinks.
4) Sewer controls or operations, pipes, valves, cages, tools, etc.
5) Abandoned and rotting goods, furniture, trade goods (Roll on Table Y, Aspect for ideas).
6) Make shift camp site (3 in 6 chance of random encounter table based inhabitants being present).
7) Death or disease (Roll on Table Y, Aspect for ideas).
8) Old kingdom alter or large bone effigy.

Contents, d10: 

1) Monster.
2) Trap (See above Trap Table and double damage/general nastiness).
3) Disease (Roll on Table Y, Aspect or Disease table of choice), trudging through sewers is bad for your health.
4) Monster and Treasure (Table X for container, Table Z for contents).
5) Empty, 25 % chance of disease (Roll on Table Y, Aspect or Disease table of choice).
6) Empty.
7) Empty.
8) Hidden Treasure (Roll on Table Y for ideas, Table X for container, Table Z for contents).
9) NPC.
10) Non hidden treasure (Roll on Table X for container, Table Z for contents).

Table X, Containers, d6:

1) Bone pile.
2) Rotting, stench sack.
3) Chest, rotting, wood (10% chance of being locked).
4) Chest, slimy, stone (25% chance of being locked).
5) Hinged, hollow mushroom (5% chance of being ambulatory)
6) Hinged massive bovine skull.

Table Y, Aspect Table, d100: 

00-9) Good/holy/light
10-19) Air/ethereal/wind
20-29) Tiny/invisible/intangible
30/39) Value/thought/internal organs and reflection
40-49) Water/equalization/cleansing
50-59) Wild/bestial/nature
60-69) Fire/destruction/limbs and external action
70-79) Monstrous/gargantuan/enormous
80-89) Deep/earth/solid
90-99) Evil/profane/darkness

Table Z, Treasure, d100: 

0-25) Gold (See Treasure Value Table below).
26-51) Trade goods (See Treasure Value Table below).
72-77) Gems/jewelry (See Treasure Value Table below).
78-99) Magic item.

Table Z2, Treasure Value, d100: 

01-35) 75 x 1d10 GP
36-65) 150 x 1d10 GP
66-85) 250 x 1d10 GP
86-00) 1000 x 1d010 GP

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d6 Weretoad Variants

Weretoads are cursed inhabitants of the swampy Ruinlands. Without check from brave genocidal adventurers the Weretoads population has  grown, spread and mutated. The "regular" Weretoad is found here, and a mini dungeon from which these vile creatures spill forth upon the world can be found here.

All Weretoads have two forms, the change in these being triggered by the morning and evening movement of tides in the closest body of fresh water. During the day they will appear as naked, wart covered men with bulging eyes and lolling tongues. The Weretoads described here all have specific, pronounced and bizarre changes to their human forms stemming from their toad-form mutations. In this form Weretoads are vaguely intelligent and encountering them may prompt a reaction roll (at a penalty of 6). In the evening hours Weretoads appear in their much more grotesque, true toad-form. At this time their human intelligence has melted away and they are aggressive to any they encounter.

Every 1 in 6 Weretoads will be one of these variants. Assume Chaotic alignment for all Weretoads. All Weretoads traverse land and water at the same rate. All Weretoads have the following special abilities (unless otherwise noted); As a man: Ability to hide or scale sheer surfaces/climb, 4 in 6 chance. As a were-toad: Ability to hide, 4 in 6 chance, ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb with impunity.  

AC is ascending with unarmored human base of 11.  

1) Surinam:

Human Form: Bent over double, hands basically dragging across the ground, hunchbacked, weeping sores and popping boils cover backside.

HD: 1, Movement: 100',
AC: 10 (clumsy, slow from hunchback),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F1, Morale: 6, XP: 100,
Special: Ability to hide/scale sheer surfaces/climb diminished due to deformity, 2 in 6 chance.

Weretoad Form: Bulging, pulsating, quivering backside. Countless pockets of slime hold squirming sacks of  thin, black, spine and spike covered toads. Hunched over, thickset and slow moving.

HD: 1, Movement: 100',
AC: 12 (thickened blubbery skin, often walks backwards with back as shield),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), plus ability to release spawn (see special), Damage: 6,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 200,
Special: Once per round, forgoing other attacks, a Surinam can unleash a barrage of d6 spine and spike covered black toads to a distance of up to 40'. The target of this barrage must make a Save Vs. Breath or  find themselves being bitten and cut by the toads now covering their body (each toad doing 1 HP of damage per round, including the round they were launched). d4 toads may be removed if a victim focuses on this task for a round and passes a Dexterity check. Surinam Weretoad's ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb is diminished to a 4 in 6 chance

2) Chythrid:

Human Form: Suffers from a constant hacking cough and wheeze, Skin and hair is white, scaly, dusty and shedding. Clumps, clusters and colonies of  fleshy fungus cover the body.

HD: 1, Movement: 120',
AC: 12 (hardened skin from constant fungal infection),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F2, Morale: 6, XP: 150,
Special: Engaging in melee combat for more than 3 rounds results in possible transfer of fungal infection. Save Vs. Poison or suffer a fungal infection of the (d4): 1) Skin, 2) Eyes, 3) Respiratory System, 4) Armpits/genitals.

Weretoad Form: Mushrooms, puffballs and bracket fungus cover the body. The extremities, especially the hands, have become near useless due to fungal growth and infection.

HD: 1, Movement: 120',
AC: 12 (Fungus covering body),
Attacks: 1 (club like fist). Damage: d4,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 200,
Special: When struck by any martial weapons the Chythrid will release a 20' cloud of spores (which other Weretoads are immune to). Those caught in the cloud must Save Vs. Poison or suffer one of the following d4 effects: 1) As per Sleep spell, 2) As per Confusion spell, 3) d6 rounds of psychedelic hallucinations (-5 penalty to all actions), 4) d6 rounds of severe hacking cough (-3 to all actions). Chythrids do not have the ability to scale sheer surfaces/ climb.

3) Paratoid:

Human Form: Constantly sweat profusely, an oily, slippery type sweat. Emit a severe stench (rot, urine, chlorine). Are friendlier than most other Weretoads (always wears a smile, no reaction roll penalty) but appear confused and deranged.

HD: 1, Movement: 120', AC: 13 (Blows will often glance and slide along oily skin),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F1, Morale: 10, XP: 150,
Special: No longer has the ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb but is an excellent contortionist/escape artist (4 in 6 chance).

Weretoad Form: A constant torrent of milky slime and mucus leaks from the skin. Puddles and pools of the milky, oily substance form wherever the Paratoid goes. The mucus of the Paratoid has a variety of properties that the Weretoad has control of (see Special).

HD: 1, Movement: 120,
AC: 14 (Extremely slippery, wet skin),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow). Damage: d6,
Save: F4, Morale: 10, XP: 400,
Special: They're are three main Bufotoxins produced by the Paratoid Weretoad all inducing their effect when coming into contact with another beings skins and that being failing a Save Vs. Poison. 1) A toxin which complete stuns the body for d6 rounds. 2) A toxin which produces severe d12 rounds of severe psychedelic hallucinations (all actions taken at a penalty of -5). 3) An extreme adhesive mucus that can fuse together any material whatsoever for d12 rounds (ambulatory beings receive a Save Vs. Paralyze to avoid being stuck in place).  The Paratoid may splash these substances on targets within 10', create pools and puddles as traps, or encourage other Weretoads to dip their weapons into the mucus to augment their attacks. Paratoids no longer have the ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb or hide due to the massive amount of liquid they produce at all times. 

4) Tongue Priest:

Human Form: Very long, lolling tongue, reaching down to rest on the sternum or draped over a shoulder (resulting in an obvious speech impediment), obscenely bloated stomach. Less aggressive and more intelligent than other Weretoads (only a penalty of 2 to reaction roll). Will be holding/wearing crude religious symbols/artifacts. Will appear as the natural leader in a group of Weretoads.  

HD: 2, Movement: 120, AC: 11,
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 200,
Special:  Can cast Cure Light Wounds 3 times a day, has the ability to communicate with swamp/aquatic animals as per Speak with Animals spell at all times. Will be accompanied by some sort of swamp creature as an animal companion.

Weretoad Form: 5 to 10 foot tongue emerges from mouth and is draped across body or head as a turban or shawl. Skin crawls with insects and smaller amphibians who are docile and timid. Treated with the utmost deference and respect by other Weretoads.

HD: 2, Movement: 120', AC: 11,
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F4, Morale: 10, XP: 300,
Special: Same special ability as per Human Form, plus the following: Gives all other Weretoads within visual range +1 to hit, damage and all other actions, these Weretoads will never attempt to flee combat while the Tounge Priest is alive. If slain all Weretoads in visual range must make a Moral check. Can direct hordes of stinging insects, flys, frogs and any other minor creature to waylay/irritate targets as the GM sees fit (ie: a horde of mice eating supplies, a horde of flies reducing vision/movement (-1 penalty to all actions), etc).

5) Queen:

Human Form: Obese pregnant woman, bowed over under the weight of bulging stomach, feet are swollen severely as to be nigh immobile. Other Weretoads nearby to a Queen.  are extremely protective and aggressive.

HD: 2, Movement: 40',
AC: 9 (Very slow and cumbersome, difficulty in movement),
Attacks: 1,(Spear or Bow), Damage: d6-1,
Save: F1, Morale: 6, XP: 50,
Special: If a Queen flees all other Weretoads in visual range will follow and protect her.

Weretoad Form: Massive bulging pustules and flesh sacks cover the lower half of the body. Legs have either disappeared or been hidden by pustules, giving a slug-like appearance. Dark, pygmy toad-men can be seen floating in some of the translucent flesh sacks.
HD: 3, Movement: 40', AC: 11 (Thickened, blubbery skin),
Attacks: 1 (Bite or Claw). Damage: d4,
Save: F3, Morale: 6, XP: 300,
Special: Once per round, forgoing other attacks, a Queen may release d4 pygmy toad-men (1HP, armed with d6 claws or bite). These pygmies will rush and randomly attack any non Weretoad beings within sight, seeking new targets until killed or collapsing from exhaustion. A Queen may release a total of d20 pygmies a week. The birthing process of the pygmies leaves behind an extremely slippery mucus that any non Weretoads must make a Save Vs. Paralyze to avoid slipping and falling prone in. Queen Weretoad's ability to hide/scale sheer surfaces/climb is diminished to a 3 in 6 chance.

6) Ornata:

Human Form: Armless and obese, severely limited intelligence. Bald with an oversized mouth accompanied by massive, low hanging jowls. Will squeal and moan unintelligible while rushing to attack anything non Weretoad that it encounters.

HD: 2, Movement: 120',
AC: 11,
Attacks: 2 (Kick and Bite). Damage: Kick: d6, Bite: d4,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 150,
Special: Inability to scale sheer surfaces/climb.  

Weretoad Form: Squat, very thickset, low to the ground - almost crawling and squirming in the dirt propelled by large muscular legs. Oversized head and mouth accounting for nearly half of body mass, no arms. Head counterbalanced by obscenely large/protruding rump. Wild, erratic and solitary - often ostracized and abandoned by other Weretoads. Will often burrow slightly in the dirt or mud to appear as a rock or log, then surprise and waylay passerby's.

1 in 6 chance at the beginning of each combat that an Ornata will attack friend rather than foe. 

HD: 2, Movement: 120',
AC: 12 (Thick, blubbery skin, muscular),
Attacks: 1 (bite), plus the ability to swallow (see Special), Damage: d8,
Save: F8, Morale: 10, XP: 200,
Special: Ornata's can swallow anything Halfling size or smaller, or happily engulf half of a Human, after a successful bite attack. The creature being swallowed has a Save Vs. Paralyze to avoid this. Once swallowed, beings Halfling size or smaller have d4 rounds before they suffocate and die, larger beings suffer an automatic d8 bite damage every round until death. Ornata Weretoads can not attack other beings while swallowing another. If an Ornata attempts to swallow anything larger than a human, it must make a Save Vs. Poison to avoid suffocating itself on its oversized prey.  Ornata Weretoads no longer have the ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb but can hide on a 5 in 6 chance. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lord Purpon, The Hoarder

Inspired by a classical being from Demonology (, here's a supernatural creature (demon) intended to alter and affect the area around him. Ideally tucked away behind a secret or locked door on a megadungeon level Purpon will change the contents of the rooms nearby (Emanations), set in motions his owns plans and plots (possibly interfering with an adventuring party's plans) (Plottings), and offer deals and contracts for goods and services (Bargains)

d6 Names:Not every group or individual that is aware of Lord Purpon's existence will know him by the same name (this applies to most strange beings), roll a d6 to determine what he is called by a specific group/region: 1) Lord Purpon 2) Master of Keys/Secrets 3) The Chest Keeper/Gardener 4) The Hoarder 5) Liar's Bane 6) Old Snake Head.

A party of adventurers may be directed towards Lord Purpon if they are searching for lost or hidden things, if they require secrets or intelligence on a specific person or being, if they need to know the specific history of an area or a prediction for the future.  

Description: Standing 7 to 10 foot tall, Lord Purpon has the horned head/neck of a python, and a thickset, shaggy fur covered body of a bear like humanoid. The matted, dreadlocked long fur on his body is knotted about uncountable keys which either stick close to his body or hang loose, jingling as he moves. He also wears chains of keys around his neck, arms, waist and legs. He will often be seen clutching a small wooden chest, apparently filled with tattered and filthy notes and cloth scrolls. His legs end in cloven hoofs. 

Lord Purpon is well spoken in all the world's languages. When conversing he has the unsettling habit of echoing the final three words of the being he is speaking to, as those words are said. This gives the impression that he knows exactly what some one was going to say and when they were going to finish speaking. This habit dissipates when he converses with beings from far away lands and he also exhibits much more enthusiasm in talking to them. Though well spoken and some what fond of conversation, Lord Purpon prefers communicating at a distance to those he is not familiar with, through notes and his army of Mimics. 

Lord Purpon is accompanied at all times by 22 Mimics camouflaged appropriately in whatever environment Lord Purpon is in. This gives any space Lord Purpon inhabits a disconcerting effect as these 22 camouflaged mimics shift and scamper, making the room appear transitory and in constant movement. Additionally to these 22 mimics Lord Purpon has a vast army of mimics under his command, employed as spies to gather him secrets. Lord Purpon also has knowledge which enables him to raise and train more mimics.

Lord Purpon has a perfect photographic memory, and will never forgot anything he has ever seen or heard. 

Lord Purpon seems most preoccupied with the gathering of secrets, specifically knowing where other beings hide their most valuable possessions. This knowledge is contentment enough for Lord Purpon who will very rarely snatch valuables for himself. This fact has not stopped the rumor that he is in the possession of an invaluable horde of lost treasures. A byproduct of Lord Purpon's mimic spy network is he learns of many secretly planned events, giving him foresight into the future. He also has an interest in cartographic knowledge, but prefers to remember and mentally visualize maps  rather than keeping or reproducing physical ones.  

Often, Lord Purpon will take a disliking to an individual he has been spying upon (most especially liars - whom he hates), at which point he will either steal their most valuable possession, or take a friend or lovers most valuable possession and plant it upon that person for discovery. He relishes hearing one of his spies mimic the exclamations in misfortune of those he does not like. Further he takes great pleasure from creating elaborate series of events that lead to the seemingly random death of those not in his favor. 

Statistics: HD: 12+10, Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 160', AC: 20 (keys form metal hide), Attacks: 3 (claws x 2, bite). Damage: d10 claw, d8 bite, Save: F12, Morale: 10, XP: 3000xp, Special: Lord Purpon will probably allow his Mimic's to fight for him while he attempts to escape any physical confrontation, He will know of any weaknesses his foes have if that weakness has been verbally discussed within a day's travel of his lair, He has the ability to Open Body: Taking a key from his person Lord Purpon inserts the key into his enemy's flesh (he must score a hit on an attack roll), if the target fails a Save Vs. Magic their body will open as if on a hinge, internal organs falling loose upon the ground, resulting in death. If the target passes the Save they simply take d8 damage. 

Purpon Mimic: Ambulatory, carnivorous mushrooms with very rudimentary intelligence and the ability to disguise themselves as inanimate objects (furniture, masonry, rocks, other vegetation, etc) . They excrete a extremely strong adhesive goo which can be used to stick to ceilings and walls or trap prey. Purpon mimic's have the ability to talk and have inherited their master's perfect memory - allowing them to recite things they overhear as if recorded. Their voice box and lips are concealed in a locked pocket of flesh, only open-able with a specific key designated by Lord Purpon (the mimics themselves can not open this pocket of their own accord).  Purpon Mimics, like other mimics have an aversion to sunlight (weakening and stunning them), so will travel overland in the evening. They attack with a hidden club-like appendage. The "default" appearance of a Purpon mimic is that of a round, mushroom-like chest.

HD: d10 (the HD of the mimic will be reflected in its size), Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 100', AC: 12, Attacks: HD divided by 4 rounded down. Damage: d10, Save: F in HD, Morale: 10, XP: 50 x HD, Special: Any thing striking a Purpon Mimic (weapon, fist, foot), must make a Save Vs. Paralysis to avoid being stuck to it for d6 rounds.


The entrance to Lord Purpon's lair will be hidden behind several secret doors, all secured with a number of extremely elaborate locks. Though hidden, the entrance will be close to a major thoroughfare or high traffic area. The lair itself will have an extremely spartan presentation, a column or two, a stone throne, a stone bench. Most notable will be the mounds of empty chests, discarded throughout the area and the floor carpeted in keys of all types, ages and varieties. A nursery of young mimics will be growing towards the back of the lair. A bonfire will smolder in a corner with evidence of burnt/burning documents/scrolls. The walls of the lair will be honeycombed in small tunnels, leading to grates, pipes and other small apertures in the area - a transportation network for mimics.  

There is only 1 treasure in the lair, an open chest filled with recently acquired notes, scrolls and maps all of highly secretive and sensitive nature - those that Lord Purpon has not yet committed to memory and destroyed.

d12 Emanations:

1)  A Purpon Mimic appearing as a low wooden table bearing an engraved map of the immediate area is to be found in an otherwise bare room. The map is accurate and marks some points of interest. The mimic will follow any one displaying an interest in the map, recording their conversations and movements. Lord Purpon may swap the Mimic for a very similar appearing Mimic while the followed group rests. This new map will either be completely inaccurate or now mark traps rather than profitably points of interest. 
2) d8 malformed, rogue mimics fill a room. They are no longer under the control of Lord Purpon. They are confused and mad, as such they are attempting to disguise themselves as several different things at once. Half chests will poking out of door arches, rocks will jut out at weird angles supported by blades, half doors will be connected to a mushroom cap, etc. These mimics will attack any that enter their room. 
3) Mimics will follow the party, the same seemingly mundane furniture keeps re-appearing in every room. This furniture will be disconcertingly identical and missing from previous rooms if the party checks on such a fact. Over time there will be a large mass of mimics following the party, every piece of mundane dungeon dressing they have encountered previously will be crammed into each new room they enter while previous rooms become bare. 
4) Two factions in the area are in open conflict with one another, both claiming the theft of a precious treasure belonging to their leader by the other. Their energies will mostly be spent on violently reclaiming said treasure, rather than regular dungeon duties. During the conflict an unusual amount of chests are to be seen clinging to the ceilings. 
5) A team (d10) of large (HD 8-10) mimics have been tasked with disguising the normal doors and passageways of an area to confuse and baffle travelers. Every time a group leaves a room the mimics will hide or reveal different exits and entries, giving the illusion to the architecture of constantly warping and changing. 
6) The weaker, lower HD entities in the area (of at least minimal intelligence) and even some of slightly larger stature will sneak about and spy upon the party, rather than openly engaging them. They will be jotting down rudimentary notes. If caught and interrogated the spies will claim "the furniture told me to do it!". 
7) Transcripts of the party's conversations (from any where with in a days travel of the current location) written in ink on fine scrolls of parchment are to be found conspicuously placed in rooms they enter. Preferably these conversations are of a sensitive nature. 
8) Small mimics (1HD) appearing as singular letters or words made of wood or stone spell out messages to the party as they enter a room, then scamper away down the small pipes and tunnels that form the mimics transportation network. 
9) Unlocked mimics, open their flesh pockets, scream and wail with intensity whenever the party enters a room. When approached they scamper and disappear in small, nearby pipes and tunnels.
10) An inhabited area nearby to Lord Purpon, a village, town, etc, has been thrown into chaos recently through the release of  all inhabitant's  secrets. A chest of secrets was delivered in the dead night to every individual home or dwelling. Tensions are high, as are fist fights, murders and riots. 
11) Many locked doors and locked chests, sometimes leading to further locked doors and chests, containing nothing, empty. 
12) Mounds of abandoned, empty, discarded and open chests. 

d6 Plottings: 

1) Through a set of messages and gifts left in passive, unlocked mimics, Lord Purpon encourages the party to steal an important item from a prominent individual in the area. 
2) Lord Purpon is currently on an expansion effort of his intelligence network, either a particular dungeon location or a settlement. He is hoping to blackmail certain individuals to carry out some of the heavy lifting.   
3) Lord Purpon is experimenting with the mobility of his Mimics, ideally to give them more of a resemblance to wild animals. Stemming from this are reports of bizarre animal/inanimate object hybrids, or wilds animals that stay frozen stiff in place. Regular wild animals are disappearing at a rapid rate. 
4) Lord Purpon has set his army of Mimics to steal vast stores of food. Mimics filled with grain and meat have been seen scuttling into the wilderness and further underground. Lord Purpon is interested in further reducing the local food supplies via black mailed individuals. Ultimately he wishes to record the depravity/camaraderie the famine brings out in people. 
5) Lord Purpon has been delivering chests of gold, goods and weapons to those impoverished in an area. These chests are also filled with sensitive secrets of those in more powerful positions. He wishes to record the outcomes of his meddling. 
6) Lord Purpon has placed Mimics at the entrance to churches, public buildings and stores with recordings of their occupants clearing saying vile, despicable, or otherwise horrible things. These voice pockets are unlocked, and their small lips emit the voices loudly, audible from some distance. 

d4 Bargains: Those dealing with Lord Purpon in any way will undoubtedly be a future focus of his spying efforts. With those he does not know well, he prefers to communicate via distance through unlocked mimics with written notes. Lord Purpon can offer secrets of local identities, treasure maps, treasure locations, some insight into the future, complete knowledge of previous events/history in the area and mimic companions for recording/storage/transport. 

For these goods and services he will ask; 

1) Secrets he does not know or maps of areas he has not been to be written/recorded and placed in Purpon Mimic chests. 
2) Wagon loads of chests or keys. Interesting/unique keys/chests and other lockable receptacles may interest him singularly. 
3) Provide an escort for one of his mimics to a sensitive/difficult to reach area. And/or the need for escorting the Mimic back to his person. 
4) Help with the excavation/installment of mimic transportation networks.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Not dead, just studying!

Sorry to anyone disappointed by the complete and utter lack of activity of late, I’m studying this semester and it’s been a surprising burden on the amount of free time I have to think/write about RPG stuff. The part of my brain normally devoted to day dreaming about D&D has been overrun with the study of Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire and WW2. Hopefully all this study will fertilize my mind for an explosion of D&D stuff as soon as semester is over! I thought I would be able to maintain some semblance of regular blog posting, but alas it was not to be!

I’m also working on a Hexcrawl-based adventure PDF, The White Isle. I’ve already received some really creepy, weird, awesome artwork  from some fantastic artists and I’m really looking forward to getting some time to put the thing together. There may be a sneak preview post of some of the pieces shortly.  As for the PDF itself, it will be a hexcrawl adventure, with  4 or 5 mini dungeon’s presented in the same style as my first PDF, The Towers of the Weretoads (  It will include a number of tables and generators to ensure each game session is dynamic and interesting, with two weird, semi-undead factions fighting each other for control of/escape from the White Isle.

Blog posting resumption/ The White Isle release should be ETA a couple of months!

Here’s some images for flavour/excitement;

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Underworld Lore Issue 4 (features my writings): 

Underworld Lore Issue 4 is out. It's a fantastically presented OSR community zine which nails the mixture of humor and horror that (I feel) old school D&D is about. I wrote an article in this issue about LAM , the mystical grey alien looking figure that Aleister Crowley allegedly summoned into our own world in 1918. If you've ever wanted to put the grey's into your campaign but couldn't find the right bridge to get them there, this article is for you (also the illustration of LAM by Darcy Percy is awesome). There's lots of stand out stuff in this issue, but I particularly liked the Delver's Dictionary. It's a guide to the slang words dungeoneers use. The example dialogue cracks me up, ie: Kloon. n. The inexplicable appearance of an above ground feature in a dungeon. "Don't think about why the tree is here. It's a friggin's kloon! Just think about how nice it is to finally find some firefood."

Download it here and on the cover below. 

The Towers of The Weretoads is now on RPGnow: 

The Tower of the Weretoads now downloads from RPGNow. It's for sale there as a Pay What You Want Purchase (meaning you can still get it for free!). If any one feels like chucking me a couple of bucks to encourage me to make another PDF, you now have an opportunity to do so. I'm not expecting a lot, but 100% of whatever comes in will be spent on paying for some art for the next thing I do. If for whatever reason you don't want to download the PDF from RPGnow, get in touch with me and I will get you a copy.

I would love to see some reviews on on the RPGnow product page, so if you felt like giving it a rating and a couple of sentences describing what you thought of it, that would be great!