Wednesday, 12 April 2017

32 Vaguely Eastern / Guild Dog Weapon Specialisations

This table is intended to randomly allocate a weapon specialisation to PC’s/NPC’s. It is random to purposely avoid the potential of never ending deliberation as to which weapon would be the optimal choice for each specific combat scenario.
Your character gets a random weapon they are good at, which hopefully makes them a little cooler/unique. I’m also trying to do a little world building through the weapons - hopefully these imply the kind of setting “The City” of Guild Dogs is.
While each PC is given a random specialised weapon, the following basics are always available:  Dagger, sword, mace/club, Pole weapons, 2 handed weapons, sling, bow and crossbow.
The Black Hack / the Guild Dog class is dependent on specific class/guild dog to determine damage die. This begs the question, why would I use a dagger over a sword if it makes absolutely no difference mechanically? While there may be some emergent roleplaying answers to that question, I wanted to give each “basic” weapon it’s own little speciality. Now there is a clear reason why you might use a dagger over a sword. Additionally, if each weapon is a little unique, and there is strict restrictions placed on how much a character carry (STR = Number of slot) interesting questions of what weapons to pack come into play.
Normal Weapons:
Dagger: Damage die is lessened by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d4), but can attempt a second attack a round with Disadvantage.
Sword: + 1 damage against foes in armour lighter than medium.
Mace/Club: +1 to hit against foes in armour medium and heavier.
Axe: Damage  die is increased by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d8), automatically fails initiative tests (always take action after opponents).
Pole Weapon: First attack when entering combat is tested with Advantage and does double damage, once engaged with a foe in melee combat all attacks are rolled at Disadvantage (unless the inherent unwieldiness of the length of the weapon is overcome).
2 handed: Already has rules in “The Black Hack”. Use them.
Sling: Ranged, damage die is lessened by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d4), can concuss appropriate un-helmeted targets for d4 rounds by making a successful attack at Disadvantage. Concussion attacks do no damage.
Bow: Ranged.
Crossbow: Ranged, damage die is increased by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d8). Once fired, a round must be spent reloading the crossbow before it can be fired again.
Weapons on the table below table do the character’s normal attack die damage, only operating as specific normal weapons detailed above when listed.

(Table was not interfacing very well with blogger, so I had to use images. Original table is here: )

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sargossa (A Sketch)

After resurrecting the Raform Zokuworm Biomass Gladiator class in a recent draft post cleansing ritual, I stumbled upon a dusty old file in my google drive named "Sargossa". In it was 9 location names from Sargossa, with nary a complete sentence between them. Here they are, with descriptions to sketch out the basics of the fleshy pink fields of Sargossa.

The lungflesh fields of Sargossa heave, gasp and shudder beneath the feet of its inhabitants. It is a continent sized valley with lips of pink mountains hedging the field, making it an enormous spongy saucer. Within this immense red disk the civil war of the biomass lords is fought. The primeval and titanic Zokuworms writhe across Sargossa, draining and replenishing the land in gigantic billowing sucks and spurts of genetic material.

Known locations of Sargossa:
  • The Flesh Forest: An eruption of crystalline capillaries, reaching towards the bone white sky. Towering jagged, spindly weeds 10's of feet tall. Brittle and delicate as glass, a falling capillary weed is a lethal hazard. Once fallen the spiked stump will slowly gout several spurts of tar like blood before clotting, new dark twiglets forming. Groups travelling through the forest can find themselves nothing more than skewered, shard covered meat if a ill timed tremor topples the glacial forming vegetation around them. Blood ghosts whisper through the forest, often causing the trees to wail and explode into masses of red shards.
  • Zokudomes: The glowing feudal pustules of Sargossa. Home and throne to the ever draining bio lords. Each zokudome contains a single zokuthrone at its centre, both seating and imprisoning its lord. Branching off from this throne is the network of tubes that feed the zokuworm and form the architecture of the dome itself. From this throne the genetic information of the lord is drained and manifested into new malformed life by the great wriggling factory that is the zokuworm. Each zokudome, as well as containing a bio lord, will house 20 - 100 raform gladiators. Travelling dignitaries from other domes and representatives from the church of form may be present at the domes of the most eminent and powerful bio lords.
  • Zokupits: These are the caverns, pits, holes and labyrinths of flesh carved out across the land by the zokuworms. They are the battlegrounds for the conflicts between the gladiators of the bio lords. Zokuworms will shape the land into fresh arenas then vomit out the warriors gestating within their bodies. After battles zokuworms of the victorious bio lord will feast on the dead, sucking up vital genetic mass through the countless tendrils that cover their bodies. Old, abandoned battlefields are stalked by wild, lordless warriors who have somehow escaped the war - hunting for meat left un-consumed by the zokuworms.
  • Mother: A whale that swims beneath the ground, an immense form that ripples and rolls the land itself. The mother's song calls out to the weak, abandoned and wrong shaped zokumen in the night. In the day the surging waves of red ground formed by her movements herd flocks of the forgotten, unwanted beings of Sargossa. She has been known to envelope and destroy lords and worms, punishing them for inscrutable and unknown sins.
  • Motherhome: One of the few refuges of peace in Sargossa. A soft curved, undulating mountain of peaceful beige tones. The interior is an organic labyrinth, constantly perspiring a thick calming fog that rolls through the corridors. The mountain is a homely hive of misshapen orphans that heeded the call of mother. Those that enter motherhome rarely leave as exploring the never ending sensual halls becomes the height of bliss, an addiction impossible to escape.
  • Church of Form: A site of perfection and solidity in a swarming sea of flux and unsightliness. The interwoven tubes and arches of the church straddle and tame Sargossa's red ruggedness. The rules and results of the civil war are debated in halls of the church by perfectly formed bishops. Only beings that are perfectly symmetrical, rounded, muscled, limbed and appendaged may join the church. While there is no uniform physiology to the church's clergy, each is a perfect example of their form. Any imperfect being caught within sight of the church's towers is instantly hunted, melted and crushed into the dull gleaming mineral of the church's walls.
  • The Stones: Elephant sized spheres of glowing stone, floating balefully above a field of fog. The stones are avoided by all inhabitants of Sargossa. There is rumours of the stones leaving the field and silently watching events both momentous and mundane.
  • Zokuworm hatchery: A broiling volcano of dribbling metalflesh. Infant zokuworms, the length of 6 men, crawl from the bubbling crater about once a year. A regiment of enormous muscled monks of the Church of Form guard the hatchery night and day, waiting to capture and tend newborn zokuworms. The monks solemnly kill any being that strays too close to the site.
  • Zokuworm Cemetery: An expanse of husk tunnels, the hollowed, metallic corpses of zokuworms. Ash and dust fill and the air. Lost and fallen bio lords, often little more than puddles of beige ooze, scrape the innards of the husks - searching for the most meagre of genetic meals to continue their tortured existence. Deep in the graveyard, in the oldest of corpses, a swirling pool of sentient slime contemplates existence. The combined minds and organics of the defeated and discarded bio lords has been coagulating into the manifestation of pure love and transcendence - ready to pour from the graveyard and transform Sargossa.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Raform Zokuworm Biomass Gladiator

[Fragments from the Draft Archive: This post has been resurrected from my back catalog of draft posts left unfinished over the past few years. I'm dredging through them all, deleting most but pulling some out, polishing up whatever is there and publishing it. I'm hoping it's an exercise in clearing out the backlog of ideas my mind still might be slightly attached too - scrubbing out my psychic connector tube to the unrealrealms for fresh new torrents of multiversal plasma.]

The Raform Zokuworm Biomass Gladiator:

Across the spongy deserts of  Sargossa, civil war has raged for eons. The biomass lords, slathered across their wormthrones, direct their effluents of genetic mass at one another hoping to claim new strands of DNA to bolster their melting forms. The zokuworms suck genetic information from the lords to pump out malformed warriors, bred for bloodshed in the ceremonial pits pockmarking Sargossa's surface.

Two Zokuworms spawning a fresh batch of gladiators.
 [Originally planned for White Star (or B/X) the Raform Zokuworm Biomass Gladiator class will now be written for the Black Hack. A) Because it's quicker and B) The Black Hack is what I'm running at the moment.] 

The Raform Zokuworm Biomass Gladiator begins its life ejected from the zokuworm of its father biomass lord. Life begins in the holy fighting pits of Sargossa, in a ceremonial battle between the gladiators of two biomass lords. The opposing zokuworms will vomit combatants out at one another in accordance to an ancient and bloody ceremony of war. The victorious gladiators win a feast for their mother zokuworm - who slurp the remains of the defeated at battles end.

The zokuworm is the genetic factory of the biomass lords. The zokuworm drains the lord for genetic mass at his seat of power and prison, the wormthrone. The zokuworm churns out gladiators by draining the lord's genetic makeup. When the ceremonial battle is complete, the victorious biomass lord will have fresh and reinvigorated strands of genetic mass. The loser of the battle will have been drained, taking another step towards the inevitable fate of the weak biomass lord - to become nothing more than a rotting pink puddle atop a dead wormthrone.

The Zokuworm is the Gladiator's mother and the Biomass Lord its father and liege lord!

A young, malformed gladiator. 

The body of the Raform Zokuworm Biomass Gladiator unformed and unstable, pink oozing flesh constantly boils and bubbles. As such the vitality of its form is in constant flux, each level the following basic statistics of the gladiator will change (staying the same until the next level): 

Starting HP: Always d10+4.
Hp Per Level/Resting: Each level, roll a d4: 1 = d4, 2 = d6, 3 = d8, 4 = d10.
Weapons and Armour: Always any and all, but armour price is tripled due to customization required for flux like state of body.  Armour must be replaced every level.
Attack Damage: Each level, roll a d4: 1 = d4, 2 = d6, 3 = d8, 4 = d10. Unarmed/armed gladiators do they same amount of damage - if no weapon is available for use their bodies will create one.

Special features: 
Armor costs: Armour price is tripled due to customization required for flux like state of body.  Armour must be replaced every level.

Gifts of the Father (mutations): The genetic information of the father biomass lord will manifest themselves randomly over time in a gladiator. You will have to find your own random mutation tables. (I use this PDFand this PDF. Thanks to Red Box Vancouver's Blog and The Weirdlands of Xhuul.).

  • A gladiator receives 1 x cosmetic mutation at level 1. 
  • A gladiator receives an additional 1 x cosmetic mutation and 1 x power mutation at level 4. 
  • A gladiator receives an additional 1 x cosmetic mutation and 1 x power mutation at level 8. 
  • A gladiator receives an additional 1 x cosmetic mutation and 1 x power mutation at level 10.
Shield of the Zokuworm: Any skerrick of mystical or arcane receptibility was bred out of the inhabitants of Sargossa many ages ago. Roll with Advantage when resisting magic of any type.

Language: Although not all Gladiators will have mouths there exists a Sargossan spoken language inherited by all Gladiators. This language is presumably not spoken in the vast majority of the multiverse. Gladiators can employ  minor emphatic communication between other natives of Sargossa. This ability may extend to other beings too.

The Test of the Annelid: At level 8 and above a Gladiator may attempt to defeat a flagging biomass lord, pitting themselves against the gladiators sent forth by the lord's zokuworm. Victory results in the gifting of an infant zokuworm and the ceremony of the wormthrone will be offered...

Leveling up: 
Roll to see if attributes increase. If any do increase, you may test that attribute an additional two times to possibly increase an attribute by a maximum of two points a level.

Raform Skills:

 [The following are probably the most "draft" aspect of the post. I had plans to flesh out the setting of Sargossa and to write up some rules/tables for "Sargossan Fields Crawling". This would probably be a campaign focusing on a party of gladiators eventually inheriting their own Zokuworm/ending the civil war/dying. These are more ideas for skills than anything else.] 

Each skill can be attempted once per day. Each Gladiator starts with all skills at d20. For a skill to be used successfully a 1 must be rolled on that skill's die. Each level a Gladiator may decrease 1 skill die by 1. For example, at level 2 the Gladiator can pick 1 skill's die to be reduced from d20 to d12.

Skill list:

Fleshmelding: healing of others at own detriment.
Fleshouflage: disguise via warping flesh. 
Fleshpulsifcation: temporary additional mutation. 
Geneticwarper: decrease others genetics. 
Fleshmune: Join with others.
Fleshsume: Eat others for health. 
Fleshearch: Save genetic information (lock in current HP/Damage Dice). 
A Sargossan biomass lord, being slowly drained by his wormthrone.