Thursday, 20 July 2017

Gorgzuic Jungle Hex Generator

A mountain valley exploding with feverish and too alive jungle. The plants here quiver, sweat and writhe anxiously about the stonehomes of dead dwarfs. The whole mass of lurid vegetation is shuddering and anxious. It seethes with an unsure and confused fecundity. Beneath the slobbering flora, a guilty and sorrowful civilization rots. 

(A revival, revision and restructuring of this post)

(To be included in this eventual PDF) 

Mutant gorgzu tree

Field of plunging rock pools hidden by algae or vines.
Thick steam, heavily reducing visibility.
Granite butte erupting clear of the vegetation.
Ragged and derelict collection of wooden huts.
Jagged stone hills, thick with jungle vines and vegetation.
d8 roomed decayed dwarf villa of ornate carved stone.
Cavern like canopy caused by truly enormous trees.
Field of dwarf statues, toppled or still standing, several elephants tall.
Rocky and desolate glade, framed by walls of vegetation.
Entrance to a moss and vine choked cavern with d6 chambers.
Cliffed valley, curtains of vines and a carpet of moss.
Decaying dwarf look out tower, mounted by iron bars, affording a far view.
Valley of spherical boulders held in place by a criss crossing of vines.
Crisscrossed vinerope bridges, at a height halfway to the canopy.
Black watered lake, covered by a film of roiling jungle scum and too large lily pads.
Ravine, dividing the area. 50% chance of rickety vinerope bridge.  
Field of vine covered stone, hidden gaps, drops and cliffs that fall to lower cavern below.
Vegetation is grey, black, crumbling like ash and dead. Trees will collapse with ease.  
Gaping cave or tunnel, at ground level, houses a shady pocket of dark jungle.
Vines, ferns, fronds so thick and choking as to be solid wall of seething wet greenery.

Insects, d4:
1) Shaded areas infected with fat, glowing grubs.
2) Horde of scuttling hand sized stick-crabs.
3) Infestation of dog sized wood borers, gorged on felled trees.
4) Stalking translucent millipedes, large as snakes.
Birds, d4:
1) Purple plumage, green beak. Man length wingspan. Perches and glares balefully, never moves. Rumbling croak.   
2) Indigo plumage, piercing green eyes. Pigeon sized. Hunt as flock and ravenously consume meat to bone. Hiss whistle.
3) Pink, naked ostrich. Man height. Jabbing, razor beak. Cackle warble.
4) Purple plumage, Pink, straw-like beak. Fist sized. Puncture and suck water supplies then flit away. Giggling chirp.   
Weather, d4:
1) Thick gloaming clouds cover the sky and bring an unnatural darkness.
2) Oily, black, sludgy rain. Will foul food and water supplies.
3) Crystal clear snap rainstorm. Fresh, invigorating but ultimately dampening.   
4) Too thick and breathless, high pressure air that brings pounding headaches.
Empty, d4:   
1) Simmering heat, leaves sometimes sizzle and leak.
2) Too large leaves wrap themselves about passerbys.
3) Sweaty dew covered leaves rain when disturbed.
4) Trees collapsing under the weight of their own foliage and invading vines.
Distant noises, d4:
1) Intoned ghostly dwarf mining chants.
2) Hearty chuckling, coming from the trees above, just out of sight.
3) Utter and suspicious silence, no noise of insects, wind, rustling, birds, etc.
4) Melodious bird song in all directions.
Foul miasma, d4:
1) Shimmering orange gas. Desiccates, dries and cracks the skin.
2) Low to the ground tendrils of indigo smog. Brings sloth and disarray to internal organs.
3) Slow swirling twisters of white  smoke. Steals the air from lungs.
4) Greasy, prismatic, wet vapour cloud. Brings horrific jungle dreams.
Fruit/Flowers, d4 types:
1) Melon sized putrid green passion fruit. Tasteless. Gives the feeling of floating for a day (due to not being able to feel legs).
2) Shining and reflective grey grapes. Bitter. Warms the body.
3) Fat orange tomatoes. Implode into formless goop when touched.
4) Deep purple bananas, erupting from small bushes growing from animal corpses. Sweet and smooth. Feels too heavy in the gut.
Animals, d4:
1) An ambulatory mushroom vaguely in the shape of a turtle. More turtleshrooms erupting from its shellback. Obviously shambles forward spreading spores.
2) Giant ocelot, playing gleefully with the head of a jungle dwarf. Once bored or hangry: prowls, stalks and licks lips from upper branches.
3) Pink and naked, burrowing mole ape. An abundance of loamy collapsing tunnels are nearby.
4) Six legged and spidery tree bear. Terrified and timid. Will moan hauntingly from a distance.
Treasure, d6:
1) Axe + 1, Skeletal pig design.
2) Bejeweled mining pick, 1000gp.
3) Fine cloak, the colour of blood, never fades or tears, 100gp.
4) Shield + 1, spiked (can be used as a weapon).
5) Blood red gem, 500gp.
6) Milky white potion of skin calcification (+1 CON, -1 DEX).

Held in, d6:
1) Stone box covered in wax, overgrown with vines.
2) Leather sack, nailed high up to stone or tree.
3) Glinting bird nest, with other gaudy and shining refuse.
4) Soggy and moss encrusted hidey hole.
5) Slimey and wet stone chest.
6) A misshapen and unhealthy looking pale mushroom that has grown around object.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Magic Item Generator

What is it? d12:  

1) Hat or helmet (envelopes the head, affects the organs there)
2) Jewelry (worn ostentatiously, passive background magic) 
3) Large magic stone or crystal ball (must be held or operated, affects the external world)
4) A piece of furniture (requires reclining in, magic occurs while resting) 
5) Body armour (envelopes and affects the body) 
6) Shield (magic is always defensive in nature) 
7) Wand (d100 charges) 
8) Robes, cloak, cape or clothing (affects appearance) 
9) Boots, sandals or anklet (affects transport and ambulation) 
10) Melee weapon
11) Ranged weapon 
12) Gloves and gauntlets (Allows fine motor magical manipulation) 

What is it made of? d6: 

1) Plant Matter (Wood, cloth, braided vine, leaves and the like, affinity for the natural world and balance, prone to decay). 
2) Mineral Matter (Shine, rigid, clanking, wrought, bejewelled, tough but unwieldy, protective but confining) 
3) Animal Matter (Leather, bone, fur, skins, feathers, conducive to baseness and consumption)
4) Monster Matter (Slime, eyes, claws, still living organs, too large and mutated, warped and unnatural, revolting and corrupting) 
5) Humanoid Matter (Amalgamations of tools and uniforms, rules, measurements, geometrics, brings temporary order and hierarchy)
6) Ethereal matter (Wreaths of plasmic smoke, pulsating, glowing, tears in reality, utter organicy, awe inspiring but can cease to exist at any moment).  

Magical Power? d12: 

1) Invigoration and robustness of the physical body
2) Sway over other sentient beings through speech and thought
3) Sway over the wilds and the natural world 
4) Ease of store and supply of survival necessities (victuals, water, shelter) 
5) Insight into future or past events 
6) Bolster or diminish the health of others 
7) Far sending of physical/mental manipulations (vile, fair and mundane) 
8) Sway over transportation and travel of self and others 
9) Summoning of things that don’t normally exist 
10) Shell, encasing, protection and dispelling (physical, magical and mental) 
11) Increasement of perception and bolstering of the mind  
12) Illusions, transformations and unreal alchemy 

What is its aspect? d10, d4:

Good, peaceful, kind
Holy, ordered, right
Light, illumination, enlightenment
Floating, peace, meditation
Air, empty, vacuum
Ethereal, wispy, ghostly
Wind, blowing, unseen mover
Storm,  rapid movement, speed
Tiny, shrinking, wasting away
Invisible, translucent, clear
Intangible, non corporeal, fading
Life, regrowth, rejuvenation
Value, gems, gold
Thought, philosophy, intellect
Internal organs, viscera, blood
Reflection, mirror, stillness
Water, cycles, karma
Equalization, law, justice
Cleansing, alkalizing, evaporation
Procrustean, rigidity, incarceration
Wildness, out of place, overgrown
Bestial, savageness, feeding
Nature, grove, peace
Chaos, disorder, mutation
Fire, explosions, heat
Destruction, rubble, ruin
Limbs, appendages, grasping locomotion
External action, destiny, prophecy
Monstrous, terrifying, abomination
Gargantuan, giant, enormous
Enveloping, enclosed, soft embrace
Straining, breaking, cracks
Deep, below, underground
Earth, soil, stone
Solid, mass, black holes
Time, dust, history
Evil, hate, pain
Profane, cruelty, desecration
Darkness, shadows, loss
Death, rot, decay
Magic helms of plant matter

Magic jewelry of monster matter

Magic furniture of plant and animal matter

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Mutations of Venus

With the armillary broken and order abandoned, the vapors of the stars flood the earth. God's creations are forever changed. The voluptuous gasses of Venus bring roiling sensuousness, indolence and multiplication of the flesh. Men abandon their higher selves to descend into pits of pleasure and beast's wantonness overrides their self preservation. 

The mutations known to be brought to earth by the fragrant steam of Venus are listed below. 


Venusian Mutations of Men, d6: 

  1. Those with the curse of knee weakening voluptitude, their requests impossible to ignore.  
  2. Those whose single touch instills feverish and suicidal loyalty. 
  3. Enormous mothers, relentlessly giving birth to never ending and malformed offspring. 
  4. The welding and weaving of flesh and fashion - garments, equipment, uniforms, weapons become one with the body. 
  5. Too powerful pheromones that bring a dazing and languid stupor  
  6. Men whose minds become legion, so close that they share they same thoughts through different bodies. 

Venusian Mutations of Beasts, d6:

  1. Hordes, plagues and infections brought on by relentless breeding. 
  2. Beasts too beautiful and charming to slay, let alone raise arms against. 
  3. Terrible and wrongformed offspring brought on by the coupling of men with too charming beasts. 
  4. Commanding and charismatic beasts that give orders to men. 
  5. The bestial wrought with raiment, animals in the clothes of men. 
  6. Deadly hunting partners, beasts mirrored and two halves of the same whole. 

Venusian Mutations of the Wilds, d6: 
  1. White bubbly foam erupts wherever possible (prone to birth new life). 
  2. Enormous, fragrant and intoxicating flowers. 
  3. Perfect temperatures and vistas that instill ease and comfort. Dream like lands, hard to leave. 
  4. A land roiling and scented with constant copulation. 
  5. Overgrown beyond measure, flora and fauna overflowing in every direction. 
  6. Countless warm bubbling pools. 

Venusian Mutations of the Town, d6: 

  1. Villages whose inhabitants are singularly obsessed and filled with lust for a single object of affection. 
  2. Proliferation of love triangles, trysts and suicidal pacts. 
  3. Exaggerated indolence - Lotus eaters. 
  4. Never ending parades of foul and obsessive arrangement of garments and uniforms. 
  5. Brothel towns, wracked with pimps. 
  6. Towns too kind, too welcoming, too enticing to be trusted.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Fuzing Monsters

+Scrap Princess suggested the following elegant method for coming up with monsters:

"If you are just straight up picking a monster out of the book to use but it's still so boring the convenience doesn't seem worth it , try combining it with the preceding/receding monster."

Brilliant if you happen to find yourself at the table armed with nothing but a dry and dusty monster manual!

I thought I would try a similar concept, smashing two concurrent monsters together from two different books. Here I've combined monsters in order as they appear in the 4th edition monster manual, with the monsters in order as they appears in the 4th edition underdark book.

ABOLETH + DUERGAR = Dueboleth 

Squat slugmen that enthrall sludge working slaves through pheromone ridden slime. Sludge slaves pile up vast structures of sculpted mud in Dueboleth owned swamps. When mud structures reach their pinnacles many Duebloeth crowd about to watch inevitable collapse. They slobbercackle wetly at the one who lost his slaves and mud pile.

(HD: 2, Vomits slime that acts as charm spell to all nearby).

 ANGEL + GOBLINS = Goblin Angel 

Corpulent and winged, ever birthing fresh goblin offspring from above. Will nest in some secret spot during the day, and spread her sons and daughters about the land at night. Goblin Angels explain sudden and dramatic infestations in areas that are traditionally goblin free.

(HD: 4, Births a HD1 goblin every d6 rounds when in darkness)

 TROGLODYTES + ARCHON = Primeval Lizard 

(Basically David Icke lizard people)

Immortal scaled ones present at the conception of the current age. Only leave the inner earth when on hunt for new thralls. Looking one in the eye causes the mind to melt away. Can possibly change shape but power is mostly irrelevant as can bring mortals to their knees with a gaze. 

(HD: 8 (will revive in 12 hours after "death"), test WIS if eye contact made or lose d6 INT permanently (can occur more than once)).

 BEHOLDER + AZER = Azolder 

Volcanoes are gods and the azolder are their servants. Heads of single eyed belching flame and body of hardened pumice. Colonies of priestly Azolders obey the inscrutable demands of the bubbling magma pit beneath them. The thing at the bottom of the magma is, of course, an enormous eye.

(HD: 3, Fireball can erupt from headeye once a round).

Go try it yourself!

Note: (I've skipped some monsters because a) they were too silly/unwieldy/boring (Abominations) or b) Didn't see them due to the weird layout of the underdark book (Dwarfs)).

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Fortress of The Fungi Chemist, Level 1

Here's a demo/preview of "Fortress of The Fungi Chemist", a dungeon PDF thing I'm working on. It shall be 3 dungeon levels, an entrance region map and a couple of extra area generators once finished.

Written up for TBH but easy enough to run with anything you're playing, I imagine.

Level 1 could probably work fine as a stand alone dungeon, plop it down some where and make the descending stairs just go to random caverns or another dungeon.

Introduction text for the GM from the PDF: Lightless, vine-covered and rotting-stone, top level of abandoned dwarf fortress. Beneath vines is ever impressive carved stone, crumbling with damp and vegetation. Barracuda men mostly inhabit flooded western half, jungle dwarfs the east. As highest level of fortress allows views of jungle and of interior cavern.

If you do have a peruse (or even better run!) any feedback is appreciated, so I can tighten/change things before the lumbering and eventual final release. 

Some preview images: